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What my Mama & Lipstick Taught Me

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-social. I love being surrounded with positive people like my small circle of friends and my family. I’m not crazy enough to literally talk to my lipsticks and ask for life or mommy advice. It goes deeper than that. 


I’m a full-time mom and that is the best role in the world. Very much proud of it. Other people may look down on moms like me as if I’m too lazy not to be working and just be settling with domestic life.

Whatever. They know nothing.

I’ve lost the energy to deal with these folks who seem to be unhappy with their own lives or have a tragic childhood they never recovered that led them to be bitter and sad. Of course I get mad sometimes but my Mama always tells me that anger is very exhausting and unhealthy so I might as well be exhausted with the things that makes my life better.


My Mama tells me to remain steadfast  & have FAITH. To never doubt the beautiful plans of our Creator for me. Put some lipstick on and continue my life with enthusiasm.

As I don’t live with her anymore, it became challenging for me. But hey, I’m not a child anymore and I have to constantly pick myself up. I gotta do it. Every. Single. Time. My son is watching and I don’t want to frighten him with all the tears and mood swings.



God is great because He bless me with a beautiful family amidst my personal struggle.

My life is not perfect but my family life is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. We live in a simple house with our little pebbled garden. Have a kitchen where I practice becoming the Masterchef of our household. (feeling..haha)

Our little son is smart enough to mimic what his dad says and do. He usually outsmarts me with his little antics when he wants to play outside or eat chocolates. My husband on the other hand is like a child. Sweet and ‘makulit’ but very responsible and has the best sense of humor. Did I just hit the jackpot right there?!  🙂


I’ve been blogging for less than a month and this one-word prompt, “Float” sends different emotions. I was caught off guard. As mushy as it sounds, my eyes are teary.

I do feel like floating sometimes. Don’t know if my career compass is working. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this phase of my life. The struggle is real.

I’ve been contemplating lately. I can’t be a stay-at-home mom all my life right? Not that it is a bad thing but thoughts came rumbling around my head. What if my husband who is our breadwinner got sick or lose his job? What will happen to us? To our child? To our family we pray to have?

They say I’m too paranoid and that I should stop thinking too much. While I agree that I should focus on the positive side, I also want to recognize that it is hard being complacent and dependent. That there are plenty of rooms for improvement.


There are a lot of full-time moms out there who still finds time to generate an extra income. May it be with their online businesses or by being a virtual assistant. I whole-heatedly admire these women as I experience raising a child on my own without any yaya/nanny. It is both hard and rewarding.

But these moms seem to have super powers to still broaden their horizons. Constantly learning & seeing life with so much hope for their kids. For their family. For their dreams.

How can these women age so gracefully? Please let me know. 🙂

They’re SUPER MOMS just like my MAMA.

Clearly, I’ve a lot of things to learn in this lifetime. You may encounter this lesson a thousand times but do you know what else my mom taught me?



So, go ahead girl. Rise, put some lipstick on and conquer the world. 🙂

-Khay ❤

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Today’s one-word prompt from the Daily Post: Float



I’m weird and clumsy at the same time. Mother of two; one is my 2 year old son, the other one is my husband. Frustrated cook. Feeling masterchef in our small kitchen. Loves the stars, mountains, smell of books,3-in-1 coffees, original glazed doughnuts and Pikniks. 90's music and lipstick lover. Chubby since birth. Child at heart.

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