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What my Mama & Lipstick Taught Me

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-social. I love being surrounded with positive people like my small circle of friends and my family. I’m not crazy enough to literally talk to my lipsticks and ask for life or mommy advice. It goes deeper than that. 


I’m a full-time mom and that is the best role in the world. Very much proud of it. Other people may look down on moms like me as if I’m too lazy not to be working and just be settling with domestic life.

Whatever. They know nothing.

I’ve lost the energy to deal with these folks who seem to be unhappy with their own lives or have a tragic childhood they never recovered that led them to be bitter and sad. Of course I get mad sometimes but my Mama always tells me that anger is very exhausting and unhealthy so I might as well be exhausted with the things that makes my life better.


My Mama tells me to remain steadfast  & have FAITH. To never doubt the beautiful plans of our Creator for me. Put some lipstick on and continue my life with enthusiasm.

As I don’t live with her anymore, it became challenging for me. But hey, I’m not a child anymore and I have to constantly pick myself up. I gotta do it. Every. Single. Time. My son is watching and I don’t want to frighten him with all the tears and mood swings.



God is great because He bless me with a beautiful family amidst my personal struggle.

My life is not perfect but my family life is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. We live in a simple house with our little pebbled garden. Have a kitchen where I practice becoming the Masterchef of our household. (feeling..haha)

Our little son is smart enough to mimic what his dad says and do. He usually outsmarts me with his little antics when he wants to play outside or eat chocolates. My husband on the other hand is like a child. Sweet and ‘makulit’ but very responsible and has the best sense of humor. Did I just hit the jackpot right there?!  🙂


I’ve been blogging for less than a month and this one-word prompt, “Float” sends different emotions. I was caught off guard. As mushy as it sounds, my eyes are teary.

I do feel like floating sometimes. Don’t know if my career compass is working. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with this phase of my life. The struggle is real.

I’ve been contemplating lately. I can’t be a stay-at-home mom all my life right? Not that it is a bad thing but thoughts came rumbling around my head. What if my husband who is our breadwinner got sick or lose his job? What will happen to us? To our child? To our family we pray to have?

They say I’m too paranoid and that I should stop thinking too much. While I agree that I should focus on the positive side, I also want to recognize that it is hard being complacent and dependent. That there are plenty of rooms for improvement.


There are a lot of full-time moms out there who still finds time to generate an extra income. May it be with their online businesses or by being a virtual assistant. I whole-heatedly admire these women as I experience raising a child on my own without any yaya/nanny. It is both hard and rewarding.

But these moms seem to have super powers to still broaden their horizons. Constantly learning & seeing life with so much hope for their kids. For their family. For their dreams.

How can these women age so gracefully? Please let me know. 🙂

They’re SUPER MOMS just like my MAMA.

Clearly, I’ve a lot of things to learn in this lifetime. You may encounter this lesson a thousand times but do you know what else my mom taught me?



So, go ahead girl. Rise, put some lipstick on and conquer the world. 🙂

-Khay ❤

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Today’s one-word prompt from the Daily Post: Float

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Social Media Cleansing

Have you ever spent so much time on your computers or phones that your forgot to eat? Set aside an important task or procrastinate? Or even communicate personally with your loved ones?

I did. And I regret it.

Ever since I have my own family, social media plays an important role in my life. I get to have quick chitchats with my mom and sister. They also got to chance to see my little one whom they miss so badly.

Thanks to technology. Anything is possible with just a click of your fingertips.

But what makes me sad is the fact that I’m being too dependent with it. It seems that I can’t live without my phone. It is the first thing I pick when I wake up and last thing I check before I go to sleep. There was a time when I was so upset because my camera was disabled.


I felt guilty sometimes that I don’t play too much with my son when we’re seems that I’m letting this precious moment slip away. This precious milestone of growing and learning with him. I became too lazy. See, there are plenty of jobs online which I could be doing instead of searching for cute and funny videos.

Social media cleansing.

This realization occurs to me this year. I deactivated one of my social media account for a couple of days and it brings me joy and productivity. To be honest, there are times when that kind of platform slaughter my self-esteem. Imagine a chubby mommy browsing  the net then sees a more beautiful and charming mom. Instead of being motivated, my mindset was drawn the other way.


Then again, I realize that my life don’t have to be depressing because of what the media feeds. It just a matter of mindset and attitude.  It is a matter of seeing a glass, half-full rather than half-empty. Optimism is a choice. It is choosing to see and use information that can be helpful to yourself and to humanity.

There are gems when technology is used properly. Just like reading and sharing inspirational and motivational stories. I realize that I can’t blame social media for my low-spirited soul. It is just a tool and the user makes it good or bad. Productive or lazy. Happy or sad.

-Khay ❤
I'm part of Post A Day 2016

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Ang Pangarap kong Duyan

May mga simpleng  pangarap ako noong bata pa. Una, gusto ko maging teacher o cashier sa department store; pangalawa, magkaroon ng bahay na may terrace/balcony at duyan (swing) na gawa sa rattan.

Rattan Swing

Noong elementary pa kasi ako at tinatamad magturo ang teacher, pagagawain kami ng activity; ang magdrawing ng dream house. Syempre lagi present ang araw sa pagitan ng dalawang bundok, palayan at puno na nakapaligid sa bahay at ang aking pangarap na duyan sa labas.

Bahay sketch from

Iba ang buhay sa probinsya. Sariwa ang simoy ng hangin, maganda ang view ng mga bundok at rice fields, masarap at fresh ang mga pagkain at higit sa lahat walang traffic. Chill lang. Hindi nakakainit ng ulo ang ingay ng mundo.

Up to now kahit madami nang nabago sa buhay at sa mga pinapangarap ko, one thing still remains. I still want the simplicity of my dream when I was young. Ang buhay probinsya para sa aming pamilya. Lagi ko nai-imagine na nagaalmusal at nagku-kwentuhan kami ni Chuck tungkol sa kagandahan ko..(joke lang! Syempre ibubully nya always! Mas masarap siguro ang 3-in-1 coffe kapag ganito ang view..hehe Hindi na kailangan ng electric fan kasi fresh naman ang hangin. Sobra sigurong matutuwa ang anak kong si Riley habang nagbibisikleta dahil malawak na ang playground niya. Nakakakilig isipin. 🙂

Habang ang aking munting pamilya ang inspirasyon ko, ang view na yan naman ang motivation ko. Mahirap man magsimula..pero mas mahirap kapag wala kang nasimulan kasi hindi matatapos yan.

Mt. Makiling

Hindi naman masama mangarap ng engrande. “Dream Big” as what they say. Tama naman ‘yon..but for me, wala rin masama kung i-achieve mo rin ‘yong mga unfulfilled dreams mo di ba? Wag kang gaya-gaya. Hindi porke’t mansion na ang bahay ng kaibigan mo, maiinggit ka na rin. Gawin mo lang itong inspirasyon to improve yourself. Balikan mo ‘yong mga simpleng bagay na nagpapasaya sayo. Iba man ang ikot at ganap sa universe ngayon, naniniwala ako na your inner core makes you authentic. Take time to listen to that at made-discover mong may purspose ka pala talaga sa buhay.


Masyado na bang madrama? Nagsimula lang sa duyan, ang dami nang nasabi. Feel na feel ko kasi eh..hehe

Ito ang lagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko:

“Malaki man o maliit ang pangarap mo, matutupad lang ito kung may effort at consistency ka. Never give up Mommy. Wag iyakin at mag-lipstick!”

-Khay ❤