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When Mommy is still a Baby

It’s my first time to blog. This is crazy and beautiful all at the same time. Naalala ko pa dati, sobrang hilig kong magsulat sa diary. Puro tungkol naman sa Westlife and A1 ang mga kinukwento ko.LOL

Change has begun ika nga. I need to use my time and technology wisely. You know naman, mahirap mapagiwan ng panahon. Adulting it is. I guess this blog will help me express my thoughts even better. Mahirap din kasi kapag 1 year old baby ang kausap sa bahay..kaya game na ha. Magkkwento na ako.

The best thing that happened to my life is my son, Riley. We had him when I was 26 yeras old..old enough to be a mother as they say. I don’t think I am. Childish kasi ako. I really don’t know how to be a mom because a I’m a little spoiled growing up.

My mother, being a stay-at-home and entrepreneur took care of everything. To the point na highschool na ako, sya pa rin ang gumigising, naghahanda ng almusal at damit ko for school. She believes that my sister and I should focus more on our studies instead of household chores. Pero mahirap din pala kapag masyadong pampered nung bata pa. Nagiging dependent. Talagang everyday, adjustment period.



Fast forward to present: My husband and I chose to take care of Riley solely. OUr little one was with my mom since birth until 9 months old. We live in a different province and going to our hometown is hard since hectic din ang schedule ng asawa ko. Naiiyak ako nung 1st month ni baby sa amin dahil una wala kaming yaya or kamag-anak na  kasama sa bahay; pangalawa, hindi ako marunong magalaga ng bata. Iyak, tahan, take care of the baby while linis ng konti sa bahay tapos iyak muli. On repeat yan for a month.While daddy is at the office, kami naman magina ang nagkukulitan sa bahay. Maswerte na ako dahil at this point I can be a “full-time mom”. It is a serious responsibility dahil nung nagkaanak ako, saka ko lang nalaman na mahirap pala talagang maging nanay. 


My son changed my perspective in life. Go with the flow kind of person ako eh. I don’t plan ahead but having a child means thinking of what’s best for them and preparing for it. This is what I learned from my husband. Although I’m still adjusting, I’m thankful for having a supportive spouse..kahit na lagi nya akong binubully. LOL

At the end of the day, I’m an imperfect mom and wife. But I commend myself for always trying and striving to be better. Atleast ngayon, hindi na lang puro prito at saing ang alam kong lutuin..hehe I wanted my son and my children-to-be to look at me as their mom who never gives up.

It is okay to doubt yourself sometime, kasi dun mo rin mache-check kung tama pa ba ang ginagawa mo..pero learn to appreciate the things that you do Mommy. Kahit malaki o maliit mang effort mo dahil sa mata ng iyong anak importante ka. Mahalaga. 🙂

Usap ulit tayo next time at magsasampay muna ako. Mwah!

-Khay ❤